What is free calling?

You can make calls/video calls/conference calls free from Royal mobile app to any Royal Mobile app user.

Can I make call within the same country?

Yes! You can call within the same country and anywhere in the world

Can I call someone who is not using Royal Mobile?

Yes! You can use Royal Mobile credits to call someone who is not on Royal Mobile.

How can I save money with Royal Mobile?

You can save money with royal mobile by buying Bundles which will give you more minutes for less money.

What benefits do I have from Royal Mobile when on roaming?

You don’t pay any roaming charges and you can still call your friends and family.

How to make offline calls?

Enable call through option in the app under the settings menu and you can call using a local access number even if you are offline.

Can I make a call to a Royal Mobile user when he is offline?

You cannot make a free call if the user is offline however you can always make a paid call directly to the users mobile.

What does buy number option means?

You can buy a local number from selected countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and United Kingdom) which will allow people to call you from their local landline or mobile. This will also help you to have multiple numbers where all calls come to one place.

How can I set up my Royal Mobile Incoming Number?

You can go to the account menu and then buy the numbers from the Numbers sub menu. You can also buy the numbers from the portal which you can login from our website.

What number will it display when I call from Royal Mobile?

The phone number you registered with will be your caller ID

How can I make a group call?

Once you are in a call you can add others by choosing add call and then conference them in.

Can I add landline to conference call?

Yes! You can add any number.

How can I record my calls?

You can record during an active call. You will see a record button in the call window. All you need to do is just click the button whenever you want to record. The recorded calls are auto-saved.

Can I divert my incoming calls?


Do you support call transfer?

Yes we do support call transfer.

How do I set up call forwarding/transfer?

This can be setup through the portal which you can login from our website.

How to send or disable voicemails?

You can enable and disable voice mail through the voicemail menu in the app.

Where can I see my call history, Can I delete call activity records?

You can see all your call history under your account. To see the full details, you need to login through your computer system.

Can I send push messages if I can’t attend an incoming call?


How to have a great Royal Mobile call?

Make sure you are connected to a high speed internet connection.

Can I call an emergency number from Royal Mobile?

No! Emergency calls are not possible through Royal Mobile.

How can I share my screen during a call?

Screen share is not available at the moment.

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