Getting Started

What is Royal Mobile?

Royal Mobile is a user friendly app which facilitates low cost of calls and free app-to- app calls. Through Royal Mobile app you can make free calls to anyone who uses Royal Mobile.

How does it work?

Download the Royal Mobile app and sign up for a free account. Buy credits as you go! You can make voice calls, video calls free, send text, share photos to another Royal Mobile user for free or non-royal mobile user for a small charge.

Do I need a SIM to connect with Royal Mobile?

No you don’t need SIM card. The app is free to download on any smart phone or tablet.

Do I need a smartphone to use Royal Mobile?

Yes you need a Smartphone to use Royal Mobile. You can also use it on iPads, Tablets as well as your Personal Computer.

Is Royal Mobile free?

It’s free for Royal Mobile app users for calls, messages and video calls, sharing and many more.

How can I join Royal Mobile?

Joining Royal Mobile is simple. Just download our app and register with your active phone number or email id to join Royal Mobile.

How can I join Royal Mobile through the website?

Visit the URL and register with a valid mobile number.

How can I download Royal Mobile App?

Simply choose between Android and Apple Store under the Download section on our website. You can also search for Royal Mobile in Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Can I use Royal Mobile on a tablet?

Yes! Royal Mobile app is compatible with Tablet.

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