Can I receive voice messages on my account?

Yes! You can receive voice messages and you can also set them to receive in your email.

Can I chat with a non app user?

Yes! Text sent to non-royal mobile users will be sent as a sms from your phone number.

Can a non app user reply to a text which is received from Royal Mobile user?

Yes.They can reply back.

Can I chat with someone while I am on call?

Yes! You can.

Can I chat with more than one person at once?

Yes you can start a group conversation.

How can I start a group conversation?

You can add people by name under add option both in the app and portal to start conversation.

How do I see which friends are available on chat?

Friends with green mark next to their profile picture are on chat.

Can I retrieve deleted messages

No. Once it’s deleted it will be permanently removed from your chat history.

What file type does Royal Mobile support for transferring?

You can transfer any files which are supported by your smartphone.

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