My Account

Do I get a new number with Royal Mobile?

No! You can use your existing number or email address to register with Royal Mobile.

What is my login and password?

Your login will be your phone number with country code. You can set the password under ‘my profile’ section.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

Yes! You can use your account on multiple devices.

How can I edit my primary details?

You can edit in the app under my profile or use the web portal to edit your details.

Can I change the language in the app?

It’s automatically set according to your Google play or iTunes profile.

How to sign in my account from another mobile?

You can use your phone number and password to sign in from another phone.

What should I do if I forget my PIN or password?

Contact our customer care help desk and explain your password worries. Follow the instructions carefully.

How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password through the app or through the web portal.

How can I delete my account?

Contact the customer service and get your account deactivated. Follow the instructions carefully.

Can I retrieve my account once deleted?

No! You will have to re-register in case you want to use Royal Mobile again.

When I uninstall the app, will my account still be available?

Yes! Your account will be available unless you request us to deactivate.

If I uninstall what will happen to my Royal Mobile balance?

Your balance will remain in your account and you can reinstall the app and use the credits.

Can I retrieve my payment history once I re-install the app?

You can always get the full history in the website portal.

Can I register multiple accounts with my mobile number for Royal Mobile?

You can only register once with your mobile number.

Can I register an account with Royal Mobile with non-active phone number?

No! You need an active phone number for signup verification.

What all information of my profile is public to Royal Mobile users?

The details set in my profile will be available to other royal mobile users. This will allow them to search and find friends.

How do I update my Royal Mobile software?

You will be notified automatically by Google play and app store automatically. Follow the instructions and update your software.

Do I lose my history when a new version is updated?

The call history is saved in your phone and when you log off or reinstall the app it will be removed. This does not remove your contacts.

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