Do I need to pay to use Royal Mobile?

Royal Mobile comes free to you. However, to call a non-Royal Mobile user you need to buy Royal Mobile credits.

Do I have to pay every month to use Royal Mobile?

No! There are no monthly fees to use Royal Mobile. You can buy credits as you go.

How do I recharge my account?

You can pay through credit card, Debit Card, PayPal or buy the vouchers physically.

Do you provide auto-recharge feature?

Yes! Auto recharge feature is only available for credit/debit card payments. You have to turn on the feature in the portal.

What is a voucher?

Voucher is one of the recharge cards which you can use to top up your balance. You can buy our vouchers physically from the local shops.

Does my credit expire?

Your recharge credits are valid for 1 year from the day of recharge.

Can I recharge more than 20 Euro?


Do call rates change?

Yes! Call rates are subject to change at any time. We always try to keep it very minimal.

Do you offer bundles for all the countries?

Presently we are not providing bundles for all countries. However, we do change bundles every other week.

How to check my payment history?

Login the portal and check your payment history.

How can I add, edit or delete my credit card details?

Yes you can always do this in the portal.

What is Transfer balance option?

You can transfer money in your account to another royal mobile user.

How can I transfer my balance?

You can transfer your credit through transfer money option in the app as well as in our website Portal.

If I uninstall what will happen to my Royal Mobile balance?

Your balance will remain in your account and you can reinstall the app and use the credit.

I have recharged my account, still my balance is zero?

You may just close and reopen the app so the balance can be refreshed.

I can’t check my balance through the app? What is the process?

You can check your balance through app or through the website under ‘account section’.

Can I get a refund?

Refund claims depend upon case to case. Kindly connect with our customer care to help you.

Do you have a dial code to recharge the voucher?

Yes! The dial code is 00113.

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